Feature-rich VMware View Hosted VDI
and Cloud Servers...made simple.

Hosted VDI

Advanced VMware® Horizon View™ hosted virtual desktops

Hosted VDI

3-Click Provisioning

Zerigo provisions the entire Hosted VDI infrastructure for your VMware View environment.

IaaS Direct Connect

Servers are connected with hosted VDI (virtual desktops) over the same infrastructure, for maximum performance.

Cloud VPS

On-demand Cloud or
Virtual Private Servers

Cloud VPS

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers with snapshots, cloning, RAID-10 storage, public and private IPv4 interfaces.

RAID-10 Storage

Providing higher performance and increased reliability, your Zerigo Server will be backed by RAID-10 hybrid SSD rotational disk storage.

Enterprise Cloud

On-demand H/A Virtual Data Centers

Enterprise Cloud


Securely connect your virtual data center to your office LAN with IPsec LAN to LAN VPN from your perimeter firewall.

OVF Imports

Bring OVF files into your virtual data center from that “other” cloud or the home office. Deploy them in 3 clicks.


Professional-grade, managed global DNS


Native IPv6

Our DNS nameserver network features native IPv6 connectivity— no tunnels or sub-standard silliness.


Use GeoDNS to direct users to the nearest available server. Accelerate your user experience by deploying on our reliable cloud servers spread out across the world.

Experience the world's most complete
cloud orchestration platform

Zerigo is different.

Outside the Box

Zerigo was born because we couldn't find anything that satisfied our own needs. Therefore, we are fundamentally different from the competition.


Our approach to feature additions and infrastructure has always been a creative one. This encourages innovation and keeps things exciting.

Built for You

From the very beginning, many of our features have appeared because of customer requests and interests.

Made With Love

At Zerigo, we care about our customers, and that has guided every decision — from our features to our user interface.

We've got news for you.

To Infinity and BEYOND!

Just a quick update. We have new offerings for our DNS clients. We have been hard at work improving the infrastructure and providing development tools to make life easier using Zerigo.


New Features and a look back

Last year was supposed to be a great year for Zerigo. And for a while it actually was. But in the end our quests didn’t quite pan out. And unfortunately the customers most affected were the ones that supporte...


DNS Plan Migration Delayed

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances with Akamai will delay our ability to migrate all of our DNS zones to their infrastructure by January 31st. Many domains have already been migrated...


On grandfathering pre-paid DNS accounts...

Many of our customers have asked some hard questions about or recent announcements related to Akamai. As most customers are probably not aware, we’ve decided to make the driving forces behind the change publi...