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Mesmerize customers. Tower over competitors.

Few business models are better suited to capitalize on the myriad benefits of an effective Cloud Orchestration Platform than those of existing Telecom carriers. Moreover, Telecom carriers possess the capacity to deliver cloud services at scale and scope unmatched by most competitors.

Zerigo transforms your existing network resources and infrastructure into valuable assets against which to leverage the world’s most complete, intuitive Cloud Orchestration Platform. Capitalize on your existing investments and business relationships and enter the rapidly growing cloud arena to capture your fair share of a highly lucrative market.

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The ultimate in scalability.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service industry grew 42.4% last year (Forbes, Eric Savitz, 2013), and this rate continues to accelerate; the IaaS market is projected to grow by another 2.9 billion dollars to a total of 9 billion next year alone. Data centers provide the critical foundation for the physical storage of the cloud servers that constitute this industry, but do they capture their fair share the profits to be enjoyed in this lucrative market?

Zerigo understands that the key to success in the rapidly growing, yet increasingly commoditized, cloud industry is to offer highly differentiated, attractive services to businesses that demand more than a simple hardware solution. Our Cloud Orchestration technology provides data centers with the necessary platform to transform existing real estate and hardware management expertise into a lucrative cloud services offering. Zerigo is the catalyst you need to revitalize your data center investments and launch an integrated, highly differentiated cloud services business.

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Goodbye infrastructure. Hello innovation.

Coming from a strong managed services provider background, Zerigo understands what matters to customers most. Businesses are increasingly looking to the cloud to bring them cost savings, enhanced growth potential, and greater control over IT administration than ever before. They demand performance, reliability, and transparency. Zerigo understands first hand that the Managed Services Providers who succeed are the ones who prove adept at proactively prescribing solutions to customers and effectively meeting a wide array of demanding needs. We built our Cloud Orchestration Platform with the unwavering determination to create a dynamic cloud solution that addresses customers’ varying and stringent requirements for performance, ease-of-use, and complete integration.

When it comes to cloud orchestration, Zerigo is unique. Zerigo was born because we couldn’t find anything that satisfied our own needs as a managed service provider. Therefore, we are fundamentally different from the competition. Taking from our experience in the industry, we built the world’s most complete Cloud Services Platform. Zerigo is the only platform you will ever need as a managed services provider to deliver the highly differentiated cloud services your clients demand.

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Experience the world's most complete, integrated Cloud Orchestration Platform.

The Zerigo Cloud Orchestration platform is the only tool you will ever need to deliver highly differentiated cloud services and stay a step ahead of the market. Born out of our own requirements as a managed service provider to deliver powerful, effective solutions to our customers, Zerigo represents the pinnacle of Cloud Orchestration, re-defined.

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The Zerigo Cloud Orchestration Platform is characterized by ease-of-use through highly intuitive management, administration, and provisioning for the service provider, as well as for the consumer.


Highly integrated cloud services

Deliver highly differentiated services across a single infrastructure and meet all of your customers’ IT needs in one place.


On-demand purchasing and automated provisioning

Services sell themselves online, with on-demand purchasing and advanced provisioning


Integrated billing and CRM

Integrated CRM and granular billing features with advanced options


Cloud management made easy

Provide customers with a sophisticated management portal that greatly simplifies provisioning and administration


Full-featured administration and templates

Full admin. access into View™ workspace brings customers complete control – as well as the option to use preset server and desktop templates for rapid deployment.


"Without orchestration, the cloud is merely a scaled-out data center: useful on its own way, but not capable of fully meeting the demands of twenty first century data environments. With orchestration, however, the cloud becomes a different story altogether."

Allesandro Perilli, Gartner Inc., June 2013

At its core, Zerigo's cloud orchestration platform is powered by the world's most sophisticated enterprise data center architecture: the VCE Vblock.

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Premium Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Deliver premium IaaS over commodity as well as enterprise-grade hardware, by means of VMware technology.


True multi-tenancy

Zerigo’s cloud orchestration software creates a true multi-tenant environment over VMware’s virtualization


Elastic and steady-state support

Support for elastic and steady-state workloads


Hardware and hypervisor agnostic

Built to run native on Vblock, but can be run on any infrastructure - turning any existing hardware into valuable resources against which to leverage your service offerings

Zerigo. Redefining Cloud Orchestration.


Nobody else offers a cloud orchestration solution like Zerigo. Plenty of vendors offer various platforms from which to deploy cloud services – and a few even try to make them easy to use. None, however, allow you to deliver a complete spectrum of cloud services that is both highly differentiated and deeply integrated. Zerigo truly redefines cloud orchestration, re-imagining the cloud’s ultimate potential to bring businesses unprecedented access to resources, control over solutions, and flexibility to grow and develop.

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