Support - Zerigo DNS

Glue records at GoDaddy

This section explains how to configure glue records at GoDaddy. Generally you will do this as one of the final steps to configuring vanity nameservers. If you haven't already followed the steps to configure your domain for vanity nameservers, do that first.

1. Host Summary

GoDaddy uses the "Host Summary" section to manage glue records.

To find it, login to your account, select the domain, choose the Advanced View. The Host Summary box will be in the lower left. Click on 'add' to add each glue record.

2. A glue record

Enter the hostname and IPv4 address for the first glue record exactly as you already entered them into Zerigo's system. If you added IPv6 nameserver records (AAAA records) to Zerigo, enter the IPv6 into the glue record too.

Repeat for each glue record. You may have to wait a short while between records while GoDaddy's backend processes the changes.

3. Configuring the nameservers

Once all the glue records are in place, scroll up to the Nameservers section. Change the nameservers to be your new vanity nameservers.