Support - Zerigo DNS

Nameserver information

Standard nameservers

These are the servers that should be configured in your domain's "nameserver" section.

North America
  • - Denver, Colorado, USA
  • - Washington, DC, USA
  • - Dallas, Texas, USA
  • - London, United Kingdom
  • - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • - Singapore

All nameservers offer native IPv6 connectivity in addition to IPv4.

Master/slave nameservers

The below servers are only for use in master/slave configurations. If you don't know what this means, just skip this section. Please feel free to contact support if you have any questions about master/slave configurations.

Master nameserver

If you have external slave servers pointing to Zerigo as the master, this is the server they should be pointed to. Do not add this server to your domain's settings at your registrar.

Slave nameservers

Zerigo uses two hidden slaves to request zone data from your master nameserver. You should use one or more of our Standard nameservers to actually answer your domain's queries. Do not add these servers to your domain's settings at your registrar.