Welcome to Hosting Evolved.

Instantly build secure, fast and reliable data centers with dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost.

  • 10Gbps Network
  • Perimeter Firewall
  • IPsec VPN
  • Private VLAN
  • Snapshots & Cloning
Enterprise Cloud - 8x8 Virtual Data Centers
  • High Availability
  • VM Protection
  • SAN Storage
  • Windows & Linux Images
  • Import Virtual Machines (OVF)

Enterprise Cloud is Hosting Evolved. Through an enterprise cloud virtual data center, enterprise class performance & reliability for cloud servers is available here now. Enterprise Cloud is based on dedicated resources with high availability built-in. With fault tolerant SAN storage, redundant compute with dynamic VM relocation (thanks to vMotion) and a perimeter firewall with IPsec VPN capability — you’ll find all the tools you need to move your infrastructure to the cloud.

The virtual data center is now a safe place for anyone with our user-friendly management & orchestration. Take control, now.

High Availability

VM Protection (H/A)

Run enterprise apps with protection at the cloud layer. A single VM in your VDC can be dynamically related to keep things up and running even when hardware fails.

Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning

Build new servers from our templates, your snapshots or OVF imports. Name them, size them and click create! Super fast & easy.

Automated Provisioning

Import VMs

Bring OVF files into your virtual data center from that “other” cloud or the home office. Deploy them in 3 clicks.

Windows and Linux

VPN to the office

Securely connect your virtual data center to your office LAN with IPsec LAN to LAN VPN from your perimeter firewall. Grow from the server room into the cloud.