Technical Specs

Dns-icn-globeDNS servers

Zerigo’s unique platform is tightly integrated with Global DNS Provider, Akamai DNS. Your DNS account rests on the largest name server network in the world, with up to 50,000 DNS servers distributed internationally.

Dns-icn-restapiREST API

Can be enabled per account. The access token can be regenerated at any time.

Comprehensive REST API provides full manageability for Domains and Host records: create, read, update, and delete operations. The API fully supports Domain Templates too.

Icn_taggingVanity Nameservers

Vanity nameservers (custom nameservers) are available as part of DNS Plus.

The hostmaster address is also configurable.

Dns-icn-supportIPv4 & IPv6

Nearly all of our nameservers have full (native) IPv6 support.

Standard lookups: IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA).

Reverse lookups: IPv4 (, PTR) and IPv6 (, PTR).

Dns-icn-slaveMaster/slave support

Support (configured per-domain) for external master or slave DNS servers.

We provide a dedicated, hidden master to support external slaves.

We also provide two dedicated, hidden slaves which replicate zone data from an external master to our production nameservers.


As low as 1 minute.

Configurable per-record.

Dns-icn-recordsRecord types


NS (automatically managed for base domain; manually managed for delegated subdomains)

SOA (automatically managed)

Dns-icn-templatesTemplate uses
Dns-icn-dynamicDynamic DNS updates

Supported and can be enabled per account. The access token can be regenerated at any time.

Uses a basic HTTP GET request. Compatible with major clients, such as inadyn.

Ddos-mitigationDDoS Mitigation

Using Zerigo Virtual DNS, your primary DNS servers are not directly exposed to end users, so the risks of cache-poisoning and denial-of-service attacks are mitigated. Zerigo’s Virtual DNS leverages the globally-distributed Akamai Platform, requires no change to existing DNS security administration processes, and provides unparalleled reliability, scalability, and performance of DNS resolution.

DnssecDNSSEC (coming soon)

DNSSEC support will now soon be available for DNS. DNSSEC will be a fully managed service, integrated with your standard DNS account.

Anycast-networkAdv. IP AnyCast Network

Zerigo Virtual DNS leverages a number of best-in-class technologies, including IP Anycast, secured zone transfers, router-protected name servers and non-BIND-based DNS to provide a highly secure and fault-tolerant solution.

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