Technical Specs

Dns-icn-globeDNS servers – Denver, Colorado, USA – Washington, DC, USA – London, United Kingdom – Dallas, Texas, USA – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Singapore

Dns-icn-restapiREST API

Can be enabled per account. The access token can be regenerated at any time.

Comprehensive REST API provides full manageability for Domains and Host records: create, read, update, and delete operations. The API fully supports Domain Templates too.

Icn_taggingVanity Nameservers

Vanity nameservers (custom nameservers) are available as part of DNS Plus.

The hostmaster address is also configurable.

Dns-icn-supportIPv4 & IPv6

Nearly all of our nameservers have full (native) IPv6 support.

Standard lookups: IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA).

Reverse lookups: IPv4 (, PTR) and IPv6 (, PTR).

Dns-icn-slaveMaster/slave support

Support (configured per-domain) for external master or slave DNS servers.

We provide a dedicated, hidden master to support external slaves.

We also provide two dedicated, hidden slaves which replicate zone data from an external master to our production nameservers.


As low as 1 minute. Configurable per-record.

Fast DNS updates make our service great for dynamic DNS.

Dns-icn-recordsRecord types


NS (automatically managed for base domain; manually managed for delegated subdomains)

SOA (automatically managed)

Dns-icn-templatesTemplate uses
Dns-icn-dynamicDynamic DNS updates

Supported and can be enabled per account. The access token can be regenerated at any time.

Uses a basic HTTP GET request. Compatible with major clients, such as inadyn.