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February 9, 2011

Launch of GeoDNS - Geolocation Load Balancing

We have an amazing new feature we’re launching for our managed DNS service today: GeoDNS.

What is GeoDNS?

If you have servers in multiple locations, GeoDNS provides a way to direct users to the closest server.

Other names for GeoDNS include geolocation load balancing, geolocation-aware DNS, and GSLB (global server load balancing).

Why does this matter?

Consider this example: you have one server in Europe and another in North America. GeoDNS allows you to transparently direct European visitors to your European server and North American visitors to your North American server. Visitors from other continents can be sent to a specific server too, or can be split between the two.

The closest server is almost always going to be the fastest server due to lower network latency. GeoDNS means your visitors get to your site faster.

Better yet, your visitors only ever see “www.example.com”—no funky redirects or weird looking subdomains.

Continents, countries, regions

Zerigo’s GeoDNS understands not only entire continents, but countries too. So, if you have three servers scattered across Europe, you can choose to send visitors from different countries to specific servers.

Additionally, for North America, we’ve subdivided the continent (for US and Canadian visitors) into four regions, east to west. This makes it super easy to send east coast traffic to a server in the east and west coast traffic to a western server.

Mixing and matching regions, countries, and continents works too; our nameservers will simply look for the region first, then for the country followed by the continent, and finally for a default record.

Does it support more than just A records?

Unlike some solutions, Zerigo’s GeoDNS isn’t limited to only A records. AAAA (IPv6) and CNAME records (perhaps combined with AWS’s ELB or similar) work too.

What about IPv6?

Zerigo GeoDNS is IPv6 capable and IPv6 aware, including handling geolocation of IPv6 addresses at the country and continent levels.

Our GeoDNS feature is also fully compatible with our existing round-robin load balancing. So, if you want to balance North American users between two US-based servers, that’s no problem.

How do I get it?

This terrific feature is available immediately, as part of our new DNS Pro or Virtual DNS plans, starting at just $7/month. Existing plans can be seamlessly upgraded at DNS → Service Overview. Or, get started with a new account by selecting a DNS Pro/Virtual DNS plan.

How does it work?

In order to provide GeoDNS feature, we use GeoLite data provided by MaxMind.