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September 29, 2014

New Features and a look back

We’re pleased to announce we’re reducing fees and simplifying plans. But first, let us explain why…

Looking Back

Last year was supposed to be a great year for Zerigo. And for a while it actually was. But in the end our quests didn’t quite pan out. And unfortunately the customers most affected were the ones that supported us most — customers like You.

Thankfully, we remembered our favorite color and the capital of Estonia and made it across the bridge.

Which brings us to now.

We are ready to re-engage with the community and are asking for a second chance.

But, we don’t expect it right now, and we don’t expect it for nothing. We fully understand the scope of our main objective: earning back your trust. To do so, we’ve started by making significant organizational and leadership changes. We’ve stealthily built a team of really smart people who work well together and genuinely like each other. They listen and tend to have the same overlapping set of values. We’ve even won back the hearts and dedication of some team members who had decided to leave us.

We’re taking tried-and-true technology and mixing it with risk-taking innovation and experimentation and the initial results are astounding those around us. We have some great new things on the horizon and are excited to share them with you.

Some changes will be small and some will be enormous. Some will be in the forefront and some will be invisible, in the background. But all will be beneficial to you and your business. We truly want your experience with our services to be the absolute best we can offer. Things are improving.

Looking ahead

We have already made several improvements. The area needing the most attention is communication. Fixed. We have doubled our support staff and cleaned up our support communication channels. Agents are now reachable via phone. The entire team can be reached via support chat, including the developers. And as always we rely heavily on Zendesk and Twitter.

Additionally we will be communicating more proactively with our community. Check back here often as we continue to announce new offerings to be deployed in the coming months.

Simplified DNS Plans

On October first we will be revamping our DNS offerings. We are drastically reducing the costs across the board and simplifying our plans.

You see it right – there are no query or records limits for paid plans!

The freemium plan is back. Forever.

New features

ALIAS Record

You will no longer have to redirect example.com to www.example.com so you can put a CNAME on www.example.com. You will just put an ALIAS record directly on example.com and enjoy! We will publish a more detailed blog post about ALIAS record internals soon.

1-Click Snippets

We also added more 1-click snippets for many popular services – Tumblr Mailgun and Amazon S3 just to name a few.

Infrastructure improvements

We have invested a lot of energy improving the experience of our DNS product. We have modernized and expanded our infrastructure. We have improved the reliability and record update performance.


These positive changes are a direct result of input from the entire Zerigo customer community. We thank you for your continued support and are committed to improving and enhancing our services. We want your experience with Zerigo products to exceed your expectations. So stay tuned!