Let us keep tabs on your system for you.

Dashboard for quick overview

Zerigo Watchdog features a dashboard to give you a quick overview of overall system health.

From listing current problems, to acknowledging problems, to seeing recent service history, it's all in one place.

Watchdog Dashboard

Ready-to-use service definitions

Why reinvent the wheel? We've already included a set of base service definitions that cover a broad spectrum of common things to monitor.

  • Ping - is the server alive?
  • HTTP - are webpages being served?
  • HTTPS - are secure webpages being served?
  • HTTPS certificate - is the SSL certificate still valid?
  • SMTP - is the server accepting inbound email?
  • And more... SSH, DNS, etc.

No setup fees or contracts

Because we automated the whole provisioning process, we really don't have any need to charge setup fees. So we don't.

We don't like contracts or term commitments either, so we've skipped those too. Instead, we work hard day-in and day-out to continually earn your business. If we fail to do so, you are always free to cancel.

Free basic plan to get started

We've made a basic plan available for free so you can try Zerigo Watchdog out without obligation. We won't even ask for your credit card. After you've had a chance to use it and see how it works, we hope you'll choose to upgrade. If something's preventing you from wanting to do so, please let us know.

Ready when you are.

Notify many or different users

Notifying one email address just doesn't cut it for everyone. So, we give you the option to notify entire groups of users instead.

Every user can have up to 3 email addresses in the system too.

And, notifications for different servers can go to different groups, so only those responsible for a given server need to be bothered at all.

Watchdog Notifications

Scalable: grow as you need

Scalability with Watchdog is a combination of an easy to use interface and scalable backend. The interface makes it quick to use so you can turn up monitoring for many hosts quickly and our backend makes the system scale to store years of data and deliver on-time notifications for critical events.

Adding checks for many services on a single host (HTTP, PING and SSH ) in 3 clicks or less is just one of the ways our user interface makes it quick and easy to get monitoring for your infrastructure under control.

Watchdog Services

As you add services your account, be confident that watchdog is up to the task! Our scalable & distributed time series database (based on hbase) is up to the task whether you have just a few servers or hundreds of servers to monitor.

Watchdog's backend architecture also makes it possible to store and visualize large sets of time series data. Use timeline to visualize and correlate large sets of time series data across many hosts.

Watchdog Services

Expanding services beyond just a website? See our custom service definitions.

Our system may be really easy to use, but that doesn't mean it lacks power for when you need it.

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Monitor anything that's reachable with the internet.

Flexible: monitor anything

Yes, we start with monitoring servers and websites. But there's no need to stop there: our system is flexible enough to monitor just about anything that's reachable across the internet.

We provide several ready-to-use service definitions. When those aren't enough, create your own. You can even copy existing ones as a baseline.

Customize services and thresholds

When the standard service definitions, customize them to your heart's content.

Copy existing standard definitions and configure different thresholds for warning and critical states and other parameters.

Or, create entirely new definitions using generic TCP and TCPS (TCP over SSL) connections.

Re-notifications & acknowledgements

Sometimes it's easy to get busy and miss a notification that something's wrong. So, if you want, we'll periodically re-notify you.

Of course, we also give you a way to acknowledge a notification so that we don't keep harassing you when you're actively working on the problem.

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