Support is critically important. We know it, and we're committed to providing great support—all the time.

Online resources

Docs, API info, and more

We've broken up documentation into categories by major topic.


Another helpful resource is our Article Archive.

Network Status & Scheduled Maintenance

We post updated information about any system-wide issue here:

All scheduled maintenance is posted on the Network Status page too. More significant scheduled maintenance is posted on our blog as well.

Support from real humans

Support is available to our customers of our paid services. All customers using free services are not eligable to receive direct support. If you are a free customer and you require assitance with our products please see the Support section of our web site for documentation and frequently asked questions related to our various products and services.

Getting Support

The best way for our paid customers to reach our technical support or billing team is through the support form found in the account section of our portal. To find the support form simply login to your zerigo account and click on Account -> Support to submit a new support request.


We generally encourage the use of our self-service portal to submit support requests (the precision of written communication seems to be more effective when discussing technical issues). However, for paying customers, phone support is another option. If you're not (yet) a paying customer, please use email.

Support: +1-720-210-5439


Our standard business hours are 9-5 PST (GMT-8) weekdays, excluding holidays.