Robust VPS hosting, simplified by Zerigo.

Zerigo provides stellar hosting options, with best-in-class interfaces, for businesses of all sizes.

  • No Setup Fees
  • Server Snapshots
  • RAID-10 Storage
Zerigo VPS Hosting Solutions
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Windows and Linux
  • Multiple Data Centers
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Zerigo's feature-packed VPS and Cloud Server Hosting solutions allow your business to take full control.

Global Server Network

Server Snapshots

Grab a snapshot of your server. Use it to restore or rebuild your server, or build a new, cloned server. Use it as a custom server template. Even download the snapshot.

RAID-10 Storage

RAID-10 Storage

Providing higher performance and increased reliability, your Zerigo Server will be backed by RAID-10 disk storage.

Automated Provisioning

Automated Provisioning

We've automated everything. Build a new server in a few minutes. Upgrade an existing one super fast too.

Windows and Linux

Windows and Linux

Choose 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the latest Linux or Windows operating systems.

With IPv6 and Private Networks, what can stop you?

Snakey Ipv6

Yes, there's still more. Dedicated IPs, premium bandwidth, IPv6, private networks, firewalls, SSH key logins, and an out-of-band console for starters. To learn more about the array of powerful features included in every server, take a tour or view the configurations and pricing info.

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