More features

Higher Performance Hardware

Sometimes VPS's are accused of having dreadful performance problems. We've solved all of that.

Your servers will run on our next generation architecture—designed for higher performance of virtualized workloads.

Guaranteed RAM

Yes, some providers still skimp on RAM—even oversubscribing it. We don't do that. Ever. Your full RAM allocation is yours and yours alone—ready for use at a moment's notice.

Not using all your RAM? It still remains fully yours. Usually the Linux kernel will use free RAM for caching and buffering, improving the performance of your server.

CPU reservations and bursting

Your server is guaranteed a minimum amount of CPU power. Then, when you need it, we'll give you more out of the pool of idle CPU resources.

Of course, giving you a burst of extra CPU cycles wouldn't count for much if there weren't any spare cycles. So, we deliberately over-provision the CPUs in our hosts so there's plenty of extra power for you when your server needs it.

Faster disk I/O

Disk I/O can be the biggest bottleneck in any system. Our next generation architecture features a RAID-10 disk configuration for faster reads and writes.

Most stop there. We didn't. We've also added fancy dual-core RAID controllers with battery-backed write-caching.