More features

Automated Provisioning and Upgrades

Everything is manageable from our easy-to-use, custom management interface—purpose-built to make your life easier and more productive.

Behind the scenes is even more custom software that has enabled us to automate our infrastructure. This means you won't have to wait on us for common (and even many not-so-common) tasks. The list of automated functions includes:


The initial build of your server will happen immediately. Be up and running in as little as a couple of minutes.


You can upgrade or downgrade your server any time. Your server will automatically be shutdown for a few minutes while your data is moved to the new sized server. Then you're up and running again.

This means it's really easy to upgrade your server as you grow—no need need to plan (or pay for) your upgrades way in advance.


Need to rebuild your server from scratch? Or maybe just restore from a snapshot? That's all automated too. Change base images or between 32-bit and 64-bit while you're at it.

Rebooting and Recovery

Soft and hard reboots are also automated. Our unique recovery feature (to accelerate recovery from out-of-memory conditions) acts right away too.

Console access

Gain console-level access to your server right in your web browser with our AJAX-powered web console (Linux) or Java-powered web console (Windows). You'll be connected within just a couple seconds. No extra logins. No special software.