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Server snapshots

Snapshots are arguably one of Zerigo's most powerful features and are available for both Windows and Linux Servers. A snapshot is a point-in-time picture of the disk from your server.

You can take a snapshot at any time; they don't have to be prescheduled.

There's also no limit on the number of snapshots you're allowed to take. Nor is there a limit on how long you may keep them—you can keep them forever if you want.

Snapshots are also distinct from any particular server instance. This means that you can delete your VPS or cloud server and keep the snapshot around.

Snapshots are downloadable. For Linux servers, the downloaded file will be a common .tar.gz file which is an archive of your server's filesystem. For Windows servers, the file will be a compressed .vhd image which is a copy of your server's entire disk.

Snapshots are also useful as a custom base image, or template, for your own new servers. Instead of always starting with one of our base images and then doing the same initial configuration (users, SSH keys, firewall, adding your own base set of packages, etc.), do the configuration once and save it as a snapshot. From then on, use the snapshot for any new servers.

Even take a snapshot of a fully configured application server and use it to build new app servers as you need additional capacity.

Getting ready to do a major upgrade on your server? Take a snapshot first. If something goes wrong, just rebuild (restore) the server from the snapshot.

Snapshots are $0.25 per GB per month. GB is measured on the compressed image size, not the original filesystem size.