Technical Specs


All recent physical hosts have dual AMD 8-core Opteron processors.

4 CPU cores are available to your server.


Use of all allocated bandwidth is allowed. No hidden limits.

Bandwidth to the data center is redundant. All core routing and switching is also redundant.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are fully native (no NAT).

Icn_addressbookIPv4, IPv6, & Private Networks

Every Zerigo Server comes with a dedicated IPv4 address. Additional are $1/mo/each.

Native IPv6 addresses are offered (typically a /64 block per account) at no charge.

Private networks are available.

Reverse DNS is configurable and self-service.


We only use enterprise-class server hardware with RAID-10 storage, ECC RAM, and redundant power supplies.

Icn_gaugeCPU Scheduling

Guaranteed minimum CPU share is allocated in proportion to server size (eg: 2048 VPS would be guaranteed twice CPU as much as a 1024 VPS).

CPU is burstable up to 4 full cores if CPU time is available.

Icn_ramRAM Availability

RAM for each Zerigo Server is 100% reserved on the host machine. We don't over-provision. Ever.

Icn_tuxOperating Systems

Zerigo offers both Windows and Linux Servers. We support both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. Choose from:

Icn_terminalRemote Access

All servers are unmanaged.

Linux servers come with full root access. SSH is enabled by default. An out-of-band AJAX-based console is also available.

Windows servers come with full Administrator access. RDP is enabled by default. An out-of-band Java-based console is also available.


Our underlying virtualization technology is Xen. Everything else has been custom developed by our own experts. All of it has been carefully engineered for maximum performance. With custom software, we are able to deliver more efficient services and resolve issues faster.